Iyengar yoga is a form of Hatha yoga which focuses on the structural alignment of the physical body through the practice and development yoga postures (asanas). Yoga is a powerful tool in helping to relieve the stresses and strains of modern day life and, through regular practice helps to create a connection between the body, mind and spirit.

Developed by BKS Iyengar, Iyengar yoga is known for its use of props, such as belts and blocks, as aids in performing postures. This helps in moving the body into the correct position / alignment and so helps to experience the poses more fully than might otherwise be possible.

The benefits of regular yoga practice include improvements in health, strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, concentration and confidence ....... as well as giving one a general feeling of well being.  Initially standing poses are emphasized as they build strong legs, increase general vitality, and improve circulation, co-ordination and balance, ensuring a strong foundation for the study of more advanced poses.

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Yogacharya Sri B.K.S. Iyengar of Pune, India. Born on December 14, 1918,  has studied and practised Yoga continuously for over 70 years.  Iyengar yoga is the world’s most widely practiced form of yoga and there are now over 2000 qualified Iyengar Yoga teachers in the world, in over 40 countries, with over 180 Iyengar Yoga Associations worldwide.

If you would like to know more about Iyengar yoga you can visit the Iyengar Yoga Association of the UK’s website at this link: www.iyengaryoga.org.uk there is also information available about more local events and workshops at www.bdiyi.org.uk

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Yoga classes in Barrowford, Brierfield, Nelson, Burnley

Blackburn and Manchester

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If you would like to attend classes or for more info contact

Nicky Wright:

Tel : 07817 146728

email: nicky@yoganw.co.uk

Please bring your own mat.