Sri B.K.S Iyengar

What should I wear during a yoga class?

Wear leggings, shorts or cycling shorts and a t-shirt. Baggy trousers are not suitable, nor are leggings that cover the feet.  Yoga is practiced in bare feet, on yoga mats, please do not wear socks during the class.

Can I eat before coming to class?

Do not eat anything substantial for 2 - 3 hours before the class, if you need to have something then a light snack, preferably fruit my be eaten an hour or so before class.

What can I expect in an Iyengar yoga class?

The yoga poses are demonstrated and explained followed by specific instructions whilst you are doing the pose.  Sometimes props (foam blocks,wooden bricks, belts or blankets) are used to help you achieve a better posture and correct alignment.  Iyengar teachers are trained to observe the class and to adjust students if they are not in the correct position.

At times the Yoga postures (asanas) can be quite strenuous but the class is designed to gradually build up your strength and stamina up to enable you to achieve the asanas safely.  After completing the main part of the class we do a relaxation pose called savanasa which allows you to assimilate all the work of the class - you will appreciate the calmness and stillness you feel in your body and mind during this relaxation.

What if I cannot come to my regular class?

If you have booked for a course at Barrowford and are unable to make your regular class then you may come to the other Barrowford class within the same week.

Can I come to class if I am pregnant?

You should only do Iyengar yoga during your pregnancy if you were attending regular classes before you became pregnant. You should not attend classes for the first 13 weeks of your pregnancy.

Can I attend classes if I have an injury / illness

If you are a new student please mention if you have any specific injuries or medical conditions. I will advise you if the class will be suitable for you.  Some specific conditions are better dealt with in a remedial class.  I can direct you to a suitable class in the local area if regular classes are not appropriate.

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